Other highlights include a visit to Wollongong, where you can take a break from driving to lounge on the beach, visit the local art, design and street food markets and eat fish at Bergie’s Fish Cafe, which is almost an institution in this part of Australia! The best way to travel across Australia is by car and there are a wealth of stunning routes that promise unforgettable memories. One of the most talked about driving routes, the Gibb River Road boasts countless geographical and historical sites of interest and has a very interesting Indigenous history, dating back around 60 thousand years. Day 2: Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay (2 1/2 hours). La plupart des vols internationaux sont à destinations de Sydney ou Melbourne, mais tu peux trouver des vols vers Cairns, Brisbane, Adélaïde, Perth et Darwin sans soucis. Stay: North Head Campground or Congo Campground. In fact, Nullarbor means “no tree” – which makes sense when you see the landscape which stretches as far as the eye can see, which little to no trees. On te recommande de privilégier la voiture sur des trajets courts. Com 700 dólares australianos você consegue comprar um carrinho velho, mas em boas condições para te levar de um lado para o outro. Ideal for the first-time visitor to Australia, these routes will take you to some of the best beaches in Australia, to our iconic landmarks such as Uluru, the Twelve Apostles and quiet country towns, these road trips should be on your Australia bucket list. Voici notre road trip en Australie. Voici nos itinéraires de road trip pour un tour complet du pays sur une année. The 18-hole course (1365 kilometers/848 miles long) features a hole in every town or roadhouse along the way! Australia’s most famous road, The Great Ocean Road stretches from Torquay to Allansford in Victoria. Notre ville de départ est Canberra, la capital Australienne, où nous avons vécu ces trois dernière années. The accommodation, the flights and even the trips and food in some all-inclusive resorts. Tu éviteras ainsi l’humidité de la saison estivale.Selon Lonely Planet, le trajet de Broom à Darwin est un des road trips les plus sauvages de l’Australie ! La premier chose à prendre en compte dans son budget pour faire un road trip en Australie si on est est pas sur place et le coût pour y aller. Sydney is a great base for epic road trips. Day 3: Batemans Bay to Eden (3 hours). The East Coast of Australia is the most popular route for backpacking and traveling Oz and for good reason – it offers so much to see and do! L’Australie est le 6ème plus grand pays du monde donc, comme tu peux t’en douter, voyager à travers tout le territoire ne se fait pas en un jour ! When do you plan to visit? The Great Ocean Road is famous for the scenic beauty it provides along the way. Kings Canyon and Glen Helen Gorge are also attractions you will have the pleasure of visiting along your trip. Learn how your comment data is processed. The road trip itself will take you through Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. Ce chemin te fera traverser d’immenses étendues de nature intacte et des paysages particulièrement bluffants ! Not only that, but you will also see some amazing wildlife on your journey including kangaroos (obviously), emus and wild camels. If you are looking for a scenic coastal road trip that isn’t in the middle of the dusty outback or miles and miles from civilization then this trip might make a good start. Have your budget in mind when your plan your trip and allow for extras along the way. Touted to be one of the most scenic drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road lies along the southeast coast of Australia. To road trip Australia is an epic adventure indeed – whether you’re taking on a trip spanning thousands of kilometres and many weeks, or a smaller journey to a local sight. Make time to visit Boodjamulla National Park which boasts colorful landscapes and fossils dating back around 25 million years. Ces road trips te mèneront dans les plus grandes villes d’Australie, du nord au sud et d’est en ouest.Découvre les principaux parcs nationaux, la Grande barrière de Corail ainsi que le célèbre Ayers Rock, tu sais le gigantesque rocher rouge en plein milieu du désert.Traverse des marais habités par des crocodiles et nage parmi les plus beaux poissons au monde. You can take a detour inland from Port Hedland to Karijini National Park, thought to be one of the best national parks in Australia. Pack lots of fuel and plenty of water and supplies, you will not want to break down on this road trip! Un road trip en voiture en Australie reste tout de même une expérience à vivre au moins une fois dans sa vie ! The trip takes you from the southwest of … Day 1: Sydney to Jervis Bay (3 1/2 hours). Don’t miss out Bell’s Beach which is super famous for its surfers due to the impressive waves, as well as the 12 Apostles, a collection of vast rocks that stand guard against the ocean and beach. This is the road trip you take to experience the typical (but seriously impressive) landscapes. If it’s the real outback that you want to explore then this road trip is not to be missed. How long do you have to take this vacation? One of the luxuries of taking a road trip is having time to explore. Here are some ideas for road trips in Australia, to get you started with your trip planning. On t’a donc classé différentes destinations en fonction des États du pays. Si tu as du temps, (ce que nous te souhaitons ! G’day mates, I’m here to take you on a 6 month long road trip in Australia. The road trip from Broome to Perth works best when you have time to really enjoy it. Why You Wander is an initiative to inform & inspire people to plan effective short term travels. Certaines personnes prennent carrément une année entière pour voyager à travers tout le territoire australien, alors c’est toi qui vois ! Stay: Bewong Rest Area or Green Patch Campground. Australian heat is no joke. Traverse des marais habités par des crocodiles et nage parmi les plus beaux poissons au monde. 9-Day Australia Road Trip Itinerary Around The Best Of NSW — Sydney, Blue Mountains and Beyond Explore New South Wales (NSW) with this 9-day road trip covering a wide range of adventures beginning from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains. Vast grassy plains and tropical rainforests await on this journey, as well as breathtaking gorges and thundering waterfalls. Duration. Indeed, outside the big cities or in the middle of nature, not all operators receive service. This trip will take you 243 kilometers along winding roads that lead to the west of Melbourne. If you are taking a road trip across tropical rainforests then avoid the height of summer at all costs as this will make your trip unbearable. Tout dépend de ton rythme et si tu préfères voyager plutôt en voiture ou en avion. This type of landscape will leave you absolutely in awe of the natural world or drive you crazy! Link Copied! This Australian road trip takes in the Central Coast, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Ballina and Byron Bay. The list goes on, making this one of the most epic road trips across Australia. What we liked about this trip was the fact that you can play the longest game of golf along the way. Remember these simple guidelines to ensure a safe trip: Vehicles are not the only road users in the South West; Try to avoid travel at dawn and dusk as this is when wildlife is most active. Facilidade na compra ou aluguel de carros – Os valores dos carros aqui na Austrália são absurdamente mais baixos do que os preços dos carros no Brasil. Related. Do not swerve as it is safer to stay on the road. These are three of the best road trips in Australia. Some things you will want to consider are the following: Where you go and what you see if everything on a road trip, because driving along long roads only becomes fun when you have attractions along the way! if you want to see some of the lesser-known spots in Australia though, it’s worth it! Explore l’Outback et ses paysages à couper le souffle. Take your pick from the selection below – whatever your flavor, there’s something for everyone: Located in Western Australia, the Gibb River Road is thought to be one of Australia’s most adventurous road trips. Découvrez notre sélection d'itinéraires de road trip en Australie. Ce voyage peut se faire entièrement par la route, mais il faut être motivé, car ça serait tout de même très long. Dirigindo pelas estradas da Austrália. Il ne te manque plus que de réserver tes hébergements, louer une voiture, réserver tes billets d’avion, préparer ta valise et l’aventure pourra enfin commencer ! Cruise along the coast, wind through weaving country roads and hire a 4WD to get off the beaten track. Make a list of the all the things in Australia that you would like to see and then group them together to see if any are in the same region. Starting from Alice Springs, this looped road trip will simply take your breath away with its grand landscapes. This road trip might not be for everyone, as it’s a little intimidating at 2,300 miles long! There's no shortage of tarmac to traverse in The Lucky Country. You’ll need at least five days to complete this road trip which will take you across 900 kilometers from Sydney to Brisbane. This is thought to be one of Australia’s greatest road trips and when you see which locations and hotspots it takes in then it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re dreaming of desert sunsets or palm-fringed beaches, misty rainforest or snow-capped mountains, your adventure starts with our friends from CamperMate. No trip to Australia is complete without seeing both of these attractions. Other highlights to look out for include: The Hunter Valley and Port Macquarie. Le trajet inclut : L’hiver est la meilleure période pour voyager dans le Nord de l’Australie et profiter pleinement d’un climat plutôt agréable. This road is not for the novice driver as it actually stretches 660 kilometers. If there’s one stretch of road that Australia is known for the world over, it is undoubtedly the Great Ocean Road. If it’s dusty outback roads then you’re going to need a set of wheels that can handle this type of landscape. For a short road trip the easiest things to do is rent a car, however if you’re looking to spend a long time on the road in Australia you might want to consider purchasing a vehicle. Phone plans. Road tripping Australia is one of the most exciting travel adventures you can have, and the best way to travel around Australia. Découvre les principaux parcs nationaux, la Grande barrière de Corail ainsi que le célèbre Ayers Rock, tu sais le gigantesque rocher rouge en plein milieu du désert. Follow the Coastal Way road trip through our seaside playground: the Yorke Peninsula. One of the best (and most budget-friendly) ways to travel is on one of Australia's many awe-inspiring road trips. This one largely depends on how long you are planning on being in Australia for. Peu importe la ville de départ, tu peux commencer ton voyage de l’endroit que tu veux. Impossible de tout voir en une fois. This is said to be one of the greatest drives in the world and with the wide open expanse of ocean stretched out along the journey it is really easy to see why. If you only have five days then opt for a cluster of attractions that are fairly close to one another and give yourselves plenty of time to soak up the scenery If you have unlimited time then you’re lucky as you have a longer length of time to tackle the more epic road trips that take you across Australia. Stop-off at stunning coastal towns for fresh seafood, fine wine and sumptuous local produce, then spend the night, cosied-up in a wide range of accommodation. Finding the right road trip vehicle. En toute honnêteté, j’ai fait ce parcours d’environ 4 000 kilomètres en 2 mois. Ce trajet inclut : Le ‘Red Centre‘ (centre rouge) de l’Australie est super à visiter pendant l’automne puisque les journées ne sont pas trop étouffantes. Take this road trip to see the vast Uluru which is more commonly referred to as Ayers Rock. Cruise along more than 700 kilometres of pristine coast, spending your days surfing, swimming and exploring. Ce trajet inclut : Au printemps c’est la meilleure période pour visiter l’Australie occidentale, où la saison des fleurs sauvages bat son plein! Pendant cet itinéraire tu devras prendre des vols internes pour atteindre toutes les destinations, sauf de Broome à Darwin. Daintree Rainforest is best visited during winter time when the temperatures are not so hot and humid. The scenery is big, the animals are even bigger and the endless wide open spaces and long roads are just waiting to be explored. Apollo Bay, Port Campbell National Park and Loch Ard Gorge are all well worth a visit too. You don’t need six months to take a road trip in Australia (although that would be amazing) but if you have a few weeks to spare then you can really slow down and experience every small detail. C’est-à-dire que lorsque c’est l’hiver en France, en Australie c’est l’été. If you are just driving from A to B as fast as possible without really taking in the scenery then you won’t appreciate the true beauty of Australia. Highlights include Cable Beach, Turquoise Bay and Sandy Bay which boast powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water. Vous pouvez consulter ici l’article à ce sujet. If you see an animal on the road in front of you brake firmly in a straight line and sound your horn. The Savannah Way will take you across five World Heritage areas and 15 National Parks and with that in mind you can only imagine the sheer scale of the natural beauty that you will see during this bucket list trip. Road Trip Australie : Itinéraire vanlife de 6 mois. Elle offre de nombreuses plages (surveillées), un climat agréable et une grande diversité de paysages. L’hiver et le printemps sont souvent des saisons pluvieuses dans ces régions. Road trips can be very, very expensive. This will be one of the most important factors when it comes to planning a road trip. What other road trip can you take which will lead you to rainforests, through coastal cities and across architectural wonders? In comparison, The Grand Pacific Drive will seem like a short trip to the local store at just 140 kilometers long! Un petit 4×4 et une roof top tente en guise de maison. Voici des itinéraires de road trip en van en Australie. Rohini Nair. Everything you need to know for the perfect East Coast Australia Road Trip! A Perth to Darwin road trip is one of the longest and most arduous drives you can do in Australia. For Great Road Trips, check out their Blog. However, it is important to have the necessary equipment to make this road trip your best memory. Sans oublier les balades sur des plages de rêve en sirotant de bonnes bières australiennes ! Stay: Wallagaraugh River Rest Area, Scrubby Creek Area or Newtons Crossing Area. Help us to show you Best Road Trips in Australia The Great Ocean Road Drive. products! Ça t’évitera de fondre sous le soleil et l’humidité du Nord de l’Australie. ITINÉRAIRE DE MON ROAD TRIP SUR LA CÔTE EST EN AUSTRALIE. Des itinéraires de voyage en Australie de quelques semaines à plusieurs mois mais aussi par zone géographique. Not forgetting that at the beginning and end of the trip, you’ll get to experience two of the most exciting cities in Australia: Sydney and Brisbane. Tu peux conduire pendant plusieurs jours dans le désert sans apercevoir ne serait-ce qu’une seule personne. Can you complete the course? road-trips:location. Lorsque c’est l’été en Australie, nous te recommandons plutôt de visiter le sud du pays. Australia is one of those once-in-a-lifetime locations where you can really lose yourself in the breathtaking landscapes – mentally and physically too if you’re not careful! Taking a road trip is different as it involves lots of planning. Mais c’est aussi le moment idéal pour visiter la Grande Barrière de Corail, car elle n’est pas envahie par les touristes et le climat est plutôt doux. J’ai fait un énorme road trip en Australie, qui a duré un an, les choses sont dites ! Featuring vast rock formations in vivid colors with impressive gorges and refreshing watering holes where you can take a dip. Even if you are not a strong swimmer, it’s possible to experience the colorful world beneath the water. Si tu envisages de voyager à moindre coût, nous te conseillons de partir à la roots en dormant dans des auberges, des fermes ou des maisons privées. Other notable features include the famous Boab trees, with their unusual shaped trunks, magnificent waterfalls and outback cattle stations. ), but, with this 6 month itinerary for the ultimate Australian road trip, you’ll know exactly where to go and when. For more rock action, you can visit Kata Tjuta which is equally as impressive. What is the temperature like at that time of year? This is one of those truly epic road trips that everyone wishes they had the time to complete, but even if you could manage just a small section, we reckon it would be well worth it. The ultimate way to do this of course is to grab some friends, hire a car and hoon your way up from Sydney to Cairns in style. N’oublie pas de partir bien équipé (crème solaire, bonnes chaussures, chapeau…) et de prendre ton appareil photo pour capturer tous ces moments inoubliables ! We have compiled a list of the best road tips in Australia. The rock’s name means “many heads” and with its unusual domed rock formations it’s easy to see why. This trip is not for the faint-hearted. Donc pendant cette période-là, les beaux jours ensoleillés n’attendent que toi ! De Darwin à Uluru, de Melbourne à Sydney ou encore une boucle en Tasmanie. Mais c’est aussi le moment idéal pour visiter les États du sud comme la Tasmanie et le Victoria car il y fait encore beau. Sights: Tilba Tilb… There are countless highlights to this road trip too, so much so, that you will need around five days to fully appreciate everything this stretch of road has to offer. North Queensland is home to two of Australia’s most famous natural wonders: The Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Choose a type of road trip, location and duration that suits you; your journey begins here. En optant pour le confort des hôtels le prix du voyage peut tripler. This is a popular tourist attraction but don’t let that put you off, believe us when we say, this needs to be seen! Located in Victoria, The Great Ocean Road is another popular road trip which is recognized for its spectacular scenery. Australia often feels like it was just made for road trips and nothing beats the thrill of the open road and the freedom of your own set of wheels to explore Australia. Donc c’est à toi de voir en fonction de tes moyens. Après avoir effectué ces 4 itinéraires, tu pourras te vanter auprès de tes potes en disant que tu connais l’Australie comme ta poche ! After road-tripping across the Nullarbor and back and along the entire East coast, I am compiling all the information I have learnt on the road into this road trip planner Australia. Si tu choisis de voyager au printemps, tu devras prendre des vols internes pour atteindre toutes les destinations, sauf d’Alice Springs à Ayers Rock. This part of Australia is a surfer’s paradise with countless beaches along the coast where you can either grab your board and dive right in or just sit back and watch as the surfers do the hard work for you. Posted on décembre 16, 2018 décembre 9, 2020. Kitchenistic helps you find the latest and gratest It runs along magnificent coastlines, rainforests, shipwrecks and on the top of all, the most popular “Twelve Apostles”.. Ces road trips te mèneront dans les plus grandes villes d’Australie, du nord au sud et d’est en ouest. De mai à octobre, c’est généralement la saison sèche dans le Queensland, et dans l’Australie Occidentale. Choosing a good plan for your mobile phone is essential during a road trip. Nous sommes une française et un australien partis à la découverte de cette énorme magnifique pays qu’est l’Australie en Road Trip. Mais je marque 1 mois parce qu’il est tout à fait possible de le faire dans ce laps de temps, sans booster non plus. Déjà un an que nous sommes rentrés de notre fabuleux voyage de 3 mois en Océanie, et je n’ai toujours pas pris le temps de vous parler de notre séjour en Australie…Pour être honnête cette destination qui fait rêver la plupart des gens, ne faisait clairement pas partie des endroits que j’avais envie de … There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned road trip, and we reckon Australia is pretty much the best place on the planet for some one-on-one time with nature. You’re also bound to meet some interesting characters along the way, making this one of the most unique road trips on our list! ), nous te suggérons de t’organiser sur au moins 7-10 semaines pour pouvoir bien profiter. Ce n’est donc pas facile de choisir un itinéraire de voyage dans un pays aussi grand, on te l’accorde. Pour faciliter l’organisation de ton voyage, voici les itinéraires que nous te recommandons en fonction des saisons. A toi de jouer , 6 nuits à Cairns / Grande Barrière de Corail. Alors pour t’aider à organiser ton voyage, nous t’avons imaginé 4 road trips différents à faire en fonction des 4 saisons australiennes. Ce trajet inclut : Tu as maintenant toutes les informations nécessaires pour préparer ton périple. From clifftop sunsets to kangaroos lounging on the sand, an itinerary will ensure that you see the best of Australia. Por que Road Trip é tão comum na Austrália? This is a vast sandstone rock formation located in the Southern part of the Northern Territory and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the sheer scale of this rock will blow you away and can be enjoyed at any time of day as the changing skies can vastly affect the color of the stone. The site focuses on curating articles which detail the art of transforming a tourist in to a traveler while bringing out the best that the travel world can offer With the choice to see The Great Barrier Reef, beautiful rugged coastlines, flame colored rocks and vast architectural cities, the toughest decision will be which road trip to plan next. This is the perfect road trip for travellers looking to experience the real outback with highlights including the Bell, Galvan’s Gorge, Zebedee Springs and Tunnel Creek. Pour cet itinéraire, il te faudra prendre l’avion, sauf pour aller à Melbourne et à Adelaïde. From some parts of the road you will be able to visit some of the most sacred rock art sites in the whole of Australia (with the right tour guide). Allez, on ne te fais pas patienter plus longtemps . Découvrez notre itinéraire d'1 mois de voyage en Australie sur notre blog. You will experience a country of contrasts during this trip, which will take you through the vibrant cities, through to quaint little coastal towns, the arid red outback, humid rainforests and powdery white sand beaches. Pour effectuer ce trajet, tu devras prendre des vols internes, sauf pour aller de Melbourne à Adélaïde et d’Alice Springs à Ayers Rock. Les États du Sud comme la Tasmanie et l’État de Victoria sont à leur apogées à cette période de l’année. Regardless to its length, this road trip still deserves a mention on our list as it really is a beauty. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral system which stretches over 2,300 kilometers – in fact it’s that large that it’s actually visible from space! Some people have only ever dreamed of doing this, some people have attempted to do this (and failed) and some people have even managed to complete this…are you ready for The Big Lap? East Coast Road Trip – Sydney to Cairns The East Coast is undoubtedly the most taken route by travellers and the most touristy region of Australia. We curate, you discover! Selon votre mois d’arrivée, certaines villes sont plus intéressantes pour débuter votre roadtrip en Australie et suivre le soleil tout le reste de l’année. To get the most out of a road trip in Australia then you’re going to have to really do your research to see which trip is the best for you. On a passé 1 semaine à Uluru (Ayers Rock) avant 3 semaines de road trip en van dans le sud-est du pays : Kangaroo Island, Grande Barrière de Corail en passant par Sydney et Melbourne. Sights: Stanwell Tops, Shell Harbour, Blowhole Shoots, Shoalhaven Heads and Nowra. And on what type of terrain? Nearly 3000km of road, this is the ultimate road trip that will lead you through the heart of the Australian outback. No Australian road trip article would be complete without mentioning The Savannah Way. Au cas où tu ne le saurais pas encore, les saisons sont inversées entre l’hémisphère Nord et Sud. Where will you be driving? The Red Centre Way is located in the Northern Territory and deserves plenty of planning to get the most out of this road trip. The first route is a simple circumnavigation of the continent, but this misses the important central desert region with Uluru, the Olgas and Coober Pedy. I confirm I wish to sign up to the mailing list, Please use only a-z,A-Z,0-9,dash and underscores, Australia’s all-time greatest road trips revealed. Découvrez 5 itinéraires de road trip de 15 jours en Australie. Highlights of this road trip include the Sea Cliff Bridge; a stunning piece of modern architecture which is located in New South Wales and cost $52 million to build. You can expect to experience a lot on this trip and even the roads will provide a high level of adventure, so make sure you have the right type of 4 wheel car. You’ll probably want to hire a 4 wheel drive for this journey as it’s mainly dirt track, leading all the way through the heart of The Kimberleys. Comme tu dois t’en douter, l’Australie est un pays cher, mais fais-nous confiance, ça en vaut vraiment la peine ! You will want to pack your swimwear for this trip as you’re going to get the chance to take a refreshing dip many times along the way. Sights: Jervis Bay, Ulladulla, Murramarang National Park and Batemans Bay. The main cities on the coast are Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Il te faudra prévoir minimum 6 semaines de voyage, pas moins ! Doing this road trip is an experience in itself as it’s the longest, flattest and straightest road in Australia. This road trip might not be for everyone, as it’s a little intimidating at 2,300 miles long! This vast country has so much to offer with its multitude of ecosystems. This is one of those truly epic road trips that everyone wishes they had the time to complete, but even if you could manage just a small section, we reckon it would be well worth it. 1 to 3 days 4 to 6 days 7 to … The Nullarbor is Australia’s longest road and when we say long we really mean very long as it’s around 1,200km! In the region you will find white sandy beaches and fringing reefs, a rare combination which makes it a hotspot for travellers in Australia. There are various camping spots around this region too, so you can really stretch out your trip and experience the adventure at your own slower pace.

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